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 On behalf of the American Adoption Congress, Board of Directors we are excited to announce and want to congratulate Mi Ok Bruining on having the winning logo submission for AAC's 2016 37th Annual International Conference!  Many thanks to everyone who submitted entries.

On Proposal Submissions

The AAC conference committee would like to thank all those that submitted a proposal for our 37th International Adoption Conference: Trailblazing Change: Moving Mountain Together in Adoption. 
The committee is actively reviewing all submission and all potential presenters should receive an email no later than October 20, 2015 regarding the status of their proposals. 


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The 37th Annual AAC International Conference will be in Denver, CO,
from March 30th - April 2nd, 2016

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The AAC is a community of adopted adults, parents by birth and adoption,their families and adoption professionals.  We value our members, donors, and volunteers.  Join us and together we will turn our common vision into a shared reality.

An Adoptee ROARed in Ohio - the Betsie Norris Story

from Jean A. S. Strauss
This short documentary reveals the fascinating story behind why Ohio sealed adoption records in 1964, and how Adoption Network Cleveland’s Executive Director Betsie Norris spent 24 years changing a system her own father inadvertently helped to create.
For adoptees, and their families by birth and adoption, adoption is a life-long journey that revolves around identity, family, and community.  Adoption is complex.

"What Not to Say to an Adoptee - Part 2"

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Searching, finding, reuniting, reconnecting: these are all life-changing decisions.  No one understands the emotions involved like those who have gone through it.
Upcoming Conferences & Other Events

Save the Date!!

The 37th Annual AAC International Conference will be in Denver, CO, from March 30th until April 2nd, 2016.