Vilardi Award


(Per Decree Vol. 24, Vol. 3 - 2008)
In 1975, Emma Mae Vilardi established the free International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR).  Through donations, Emma Mae was able to purchase an old bank building in Carson City, NV, which began housing the registry in 1989.
Tony married Emma Mae (his landlady) who was the daughter of an adopted woman.  When Emma Mae’s mother died before discovering her origins, Emma Mae was inspired to help other people find each other before it was too late.  Helping others search for biological family became her life mission; it became Tony Vilardi’s as well.
Emma Mae died in 1990, and the AAC named its “lifetime service award” in her honor, as the Emma Mae Humanitarian Award.  
After Emma Mae passed away, her husband Tony Vilardi, continued to attend AAC Conferences and also kept the ISRR up and running.  Tony Vilardi was the registrar for eleven (11) years.  He remained instrumental in its operation and was also the Chairman of the ISRR’s Board of Trustees.    Tony passed away June 14, 2009.
The award name was changed from the Emma Mae Humanitarian Award to the Vilardi award to honor both Emma Mae and Tony Vilardi after Tony passed away.  (Per Decree Fall 2009 – Vol. 26, No. 3)

 Emma Mae Vilardi AAC Award History
Year Vilardi Award Winner(s)
2017 Norman Thibault
2016 Sandy Musser
2015 Pete Franklin
2014 Pam Hasegawa
2013 Paul Schibbelhute
2012 Ron Nydam
2011 Mary Martin Mason
2010 Carolyn Hoard
2009 Jean Strauss
2008 Pat Dennett
2007 Tony Vilardi
2005 Monica Byrne
2004 Betsie Norris
2003 Nancy Verrier
2002 Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao
2001 Ken Watson & Jane Nast
2000 Ann Babb
1999 Linda Burgess
1998 David Kirk
1997 Fred Greenman, Caprice East, Denny Glad & Robert Turk
1996 Annette Baron
1995 Betty J. Lifton
1994 Dot Yturriaga & Doreen Alegrete
1993 Gayle Beckstead
1992 Susan Darke
1991 Dirck Brown
1990 Emma Vilardi Died in January